Upcoming Book release June 2019

It's almost time. The book that defines my life and my child's life is about to become a reality. As I wait for this very exciting event, I think back on the journey which I wrote about and continue to live daily. It has been a journey of taking my education, and career strategies and making those tools work for my personal life with my daughter.

This is the story I have to tell. This is the framework I want to share with other parents of children with disabilities. There will be parts in my story that are similar to so many families that are on this path. I learned about autism in every facet of my life by being the parent. The mother, not the Special Education Teacher that holds a graduate degree and years of experience, but the parent that loves beyond measure and struggles to make this path palatable, no joyous for my daughter. Come join us on our journey.

Connections: A Journey of Love and Autism

Pre-Orders are available now through 1010 Publishing Company

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