The Friendship Club

I am one of those people that will make a new friend at the grocery store, or while working out at the gym. I like people. I like their stories. Everyone has a story. Some people keep their story to themselves, and that is their way. Respect.

When you are a parent of any children, but especially children with a disability, or sometimes just a little out of the box, you may keep to yourself, or like me, you may develop those special friendships. A group of any kind that is able to listen to your story, and you listen to theirs is a gift.

Tonight, I found myself engaged in one of those special friend talks. The sharing of our stories, present and past. The laughing in between the wisdom of experience that only Parenthood can provide. The secret understanding of the reality of raising a child with a disability, and all of the hope, and the prayers, and the not so glamorous moments.

I am so thankful for this friendship in this special club. I would not survive without the shared successes and the less than perfect path we find ourselves on. We learn from each other treasures of knowledge, and we humbly share our weaknesses, which makes us both stronger. I hope you have your friendship club. You are welcome to join mine.

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