The balance of time

Another weekend has slipped through the hands of time. The sun is setting on two days of family, fun and festivals to start the month of October. It is always a dilemma to catch up so to speak on all the undone tasks of the work week, or to enjoy the time with the people in our lives, mixed with the beautiful weather we are having in this start of Fall.

I chose this weekend to play with the wonderful people in my life, and save the urgency of last minute tasks to the last hours of Sunday. I may not be rested but I am filled with fun conversations, yummy food, and light entertainment. My soul is happy.

I hope you find the balance in your week. I out of necessity, make these choices on a day to day basis. I imagine it is the same for most. Choose family and friends over tasks, and make the most of your down time. Have a wonderful week!

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