Secrets of the classroom Teacher

This is my classroom, or as I like to think of it as my home away from home. Having spent the last seven years, 8-10 hours a day here, that is what it is. That is a positive thought because besides home, it is my favorite place to be. I have to say that, because I have 3 kids, some grown, of my own, so home will be my first priority. A close second is this kingdom of small people, IEP's, data binders, and alphabet explosions.

The secrets behind these doors, are in-spite of endless paperwork, data collection, endless meetings and deadlines, it is a place of pure delight. There is crying, and diapers, and occasionally a sick child but for most days, there is joy, and laughter and learning. I am one of the privileged to call myself Teacher. I am proud, I have worked hard to be good at it, and I am still having fun after many decades of spending my days behind these walls.

Teachers are the professionals that have numerous degrees and certifications usually before they complete their careers because we like to learn as much as we like to teach.

We are not the professionals that can leave their job at the door at the end of the day. We take our children's learning seriously, we worry about their problems, their future, and their overall health. We dream about our students. We lose sleep over our students. We spend too much of our own money on our students and our classrooms, sometimes for the basics, and sometimes for the fun of it, to make learning exciting. We do this, because it is who we are. We are not rewarded with a paycheck, equivalent to our work and our educations, but we are rewarded every moment with the priceless smile of a small child.

The light that goes off when a new concept has been understood, or just the recipient of the best hug that warms the child, but melts the heart of the Teacher.

Our rewards are beyond explanation, but it is what makes us come back to work, ready or not, and the force that makes us leave our pajamas that we have enjoyed for the last two holiday weeks. So in a few days, we resume the profession that is hard to understand, unless it is from the eyes of a teacher, student, or parent. It is a great circle of friends to be in, as we all work together to raise the smallest of our tribe until the time that we release them into society.

So I look forward to my first little friend coming through those school doors, Monday morning, and I hope they feel how happy I will be to see them. I am the lucky one to be called their Teacher!






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