One step closer.....

Happy Weekend to my readers! We need a nice little break after a long, first week back in the classroom. I was so excited to see my little students, and I think they were so happy to be back at school. So here we go straight into January, with possible weather excitement, here and there.

I want to tell everyone, that I am one step closer to getting my story to you. My book will be released in June with 1010 Publishing, and now that I have finished reading through my manuscript and reviewing my Editor's notes, I am getting more and more excited to hear your feedback this summer.

I wrote my story, my help others like myself, but also to open a pathway for conversation about where we are going with Autism in the future? I have hope. I give you my story as a compass if you are beginning this path of raising a child with Autism or any other disabilities, but also to learn from what your experiences have enlightened you with.

Feel free to connect with me on social media. I can be reached on Instagram or Twitter as Autismwhisperer19, and on Facebook on my Connections page.

I hope my story makes you laugh, makes you think, and brings you hope.

Have a great weekend.

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