Nothing random in our Universe...

Just when I think I am alone in the Universe with a current problem or two, I am shown the truth..... Today, after working through a meltdown with my daughter following her therapy sessions, I chose to walk around the outdoor mall, and mindlessly look at things to remove my concerns, and change the mood of the day. I had handled my daughter's struggle, with lunch and an ice cream treat, and thought a walk in the sunshine might help us both after a difficult beginning to our weekend.

As I walked through one store after the other trying to distract myself, I was approached by the sales lady. She was friendly and well versed in the current fashion, so I we talked about floral dresses, and tie wasted pants in lavender, I mentioned that I needed a few ideas, as I was looking forward to the release of my book. She in turn, asked me what my book was about, and then the conversation opened up to the Journey. I mentioned what my book, Connections: A Journey in love and Autism was about. I paraphrased with the telling of events of raising a child on the Autism spectrum , as well as teaching in Special Education as well.

The irony of this moment in time, was that she also had a story, and her colleague had a story of her own child. We shared some laughs, we talked about the ups and downs of raising children in general, and we connected. It was a lovely feeling, and my previous feelings of concern over the morning I had with my own daughter and trying so hard to make sense of her rough start to her day suddenly seemed a little lighter.

I don't believe there was anything random about the store I chose to go into, the ladies that I met, or the conversations we shared. It was the human spirit at work, as well as maybe a divine intervention.

The message I received today from the Universe, is that we are not alone. We are together in our struggles as well as our delights in this world. Have a peaceful weekend, and never hesitate to reach out so that you can also be reached.

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