Fall is coming

It's still very hot. We are enjoying the long days while we can. Still there is a change in the air. It's not a coolness yet, but a warm breeze, leaves falling and a feeling of newness on the horizon.

I was raised in a city with one season. Hot. These changes in weather, in clothes, and attitudes excite me every single time, even though I have lived in this climate for decades now. It still delights me when the first leaves fall, or the humidity just disappears for a time.

Being a teacher, I think it makes me feel like a new year is beginning, and with that challenges and goals to be met. It is like the mid-way mark of the year for most, but our calendars revolve around August. With this air of new beginnings, there is a nagging to clean out closets, and organize book shelves, in an attempt to prepare our nests or homes for Fall. When the cool air comes in we will be invigorated to exercise more, cook hearty meals, and prepare the winter wardrobe. I love this time of year.

So what do we do during this time of renewal? Slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature is my first goal. Watch the leaves fall slowly, show your children or students to look for the variations of color. Appreciate the breeze as the temperatures drop so slightly.

Enjoy it. Enjoy time with each other. Make those connections with family and friends, co-workers and strangers. Live. Love. Connect.





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