December Lights

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Happy Diwali, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, all holidays of lights of the season.

We start celebrating in the fall, and go right into the winter months, with various celebrations of culture and religion. I want to wish everyone the best of the season, to enjoy delicious food, family, and festivities. I encourage all to reach beyond themselves in this time of charity, and look around for those not as blessed during these holidays.

I especially want to admonish all teachers and adults in general to protect the emotions of the children during this season. Not all of our kids will have a joyous morning of toys galore, and food a plenty, some will still wake up with broken homes, and the destruction of poverty, and wounded spirits. Watch for those little ones that need a little more at this time. A little more patience, a little more attention, a few more kind words will help to carry those a little more damaged at this time of year. Be delicate with the themes of the season to assure that all children feel represented for their heritage, and their families.

I want to extend the feeling of Peace on Earth, as trite as it may sound, but to discern that peace begins at home, and it begins with us. Have a blessed holiday season.

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