Connections from the past

It's the day before Christmas Eve, and although I am on vacation for the holidays, I am awake before the sun. My heart is filled from the celebration of my new granddaughter turning one month old. The glow from my daughter's face, as she elegantly takes on her new role, and the memories for me, when she was just that age. I begin to think of the future, and what my role will be for this little angel. I cannot think of the all the possibilities without remembering what my Grandmother was for me in my life.

My grandmother inspired me to be an avid reader. She lived by the beach, and we would walk to the library on each and every visit to her house. In the basement, of the library was a children's section, offering a little more freedom to roam and explore as children, in our own literary kingdom. My sister and I would choose a few books for ourselves, and then a few for Grandma to read to us. She was a published poet herself, and the words of a story were never as beautiful as when they came from her.

My mother still plays the most important and active role in my children's lives. I am sure there are several times in their lives, where she played the confidante, the friend, and even told her how they may have been displeased with their mother, knowing full well , I was the daughter, but living a beautiful , trusting relationship with their grandmother, and now Great-grandmother to the baby.

I also knew my Great-grandmother. Her hair was tinted blue, and it fell in soft curls around her neck. She had a lovely smile, and a sweet nature. She would sit in this chair near the fireplace, and on the table next to her was a glass egg, the color of blue, like I never knew. It was so tempting to touch but as children, we knew it was off limits.

These are the memories, and these are the women that called themselves Grandma, before me. These are the women who served in wars as nurses, and fought for the rights of women, before it was vogue. These are the women who influenced my character, my interests, and my heart.

I have a big role to fill, and some big shoes to walk in.

I promise my new little light in my life, I will live up to those women, and I will always be there for her. She has deepened my heart more than I thought possible. I look at my daughters, all three, now with the blessings of their current lives, and the journey we've shared so far, and relish the idea of what comes next.





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