Becoming an Author

I just like to say that! Author! This is my current goal/dream. I am in process with 1010 Publishing , and it feels amazing! I get home every night after teaching all day at a job that I absolutely love, and I write. I write, I read, and I edit every night until my eyes are almost crossing, and then I glance over at my alarm clock set for 5 am, and tell myself it might be time to wrap it all up for today. So, before I do that I would like to encourage my audience to also follow your dreams through business, or pleasure, hobby or deep felt passion. It is worth the exhaustion. It is worth the majority of long nights. I believe that is why coffee was invented , for us dreamers that need more sleep, but can't. We can't sleep because we have so many ideas that need to be expressed. If you are part of that craziness, then jump in and think about your next adventure. It's all about the living, and the blessings of our daily life, and maybe just enough energy left to help our our fellow neighbor. Have a good night, and write to me, and tell me about your latest project or passion. I would love to hear about it.

Lynn Shebat

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