A sixth sense?

In the past few months, I have heard people talking about a sixth sense so to speak with our children on the Spectrum. It has often been said that people that are forced to use other senses over another, for example a child with limited vision may have excellent hearing. This almost seems to be a common sense idea, as to how our bodies would compensate with a strength over a weakness.

As we learn more about children or Adults with Autism learning how to communicate their thoughts, it is becoming more intriguing what those thoughts might be. For so many of our children, they have grown up under the quiet dome of limited communication to express their basic needs and wants. The next step is to have our children actually communicating further than the basic rote speech that allows them to participate minimally in our world. The question I pose , is beyond communication as we use it, do our children possess an instinct, a sense of whom can be trusted or even who they may prefer? With my own child, and the many children that have blessed me with their presence in my classroom, I would venture to answer yes to this proposal. I have seen through the eyes of many of these children an immediate trust or avoidance behavior at the initial and continued meeting of others. This idea goes for children as well as adults.

I do believe also that training, and skill set play a part in developing a relationship with the child that will allow for this potential closeness between individuals. I also could say that personalities that are more introverted might have an advantage to having developed better listening skills, and can therefore judge a situation that would provide comfort to them. The same could be said for a listening and not speaking child.

Still, I hold out for the idea that our children are so unique is so many ways, that who can hold out on the possibility that our children see things in people, that gives them comfort or uneasiness before the relationship begins. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this topic.


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