2019! Ready, Set,.... go?

Not so fast.... I still have today, until the real world begins again. A world that I love with small children ready to grow, and schedules to keep, and oh yes... the pending goals that I will reach. I can't think about the pre-break goals, that I had set, because.... they changed, and other things happened, and it was good. The books I didn't read will still wait for me.

From my bed, with my new fancy organizer, with the cute little stickers, I am taking some time to plot my course. My # OneWord 2019 is SAIL, and that is what intend to do.

That is not to say, that I am not already drowning in the thought of my to do list, but it is to guide me in my mindset, on how I will stay afloat, and still accomplish my goals.

Ok, enough with the nautical metaphors... I am a mermaid at heart, and I love to think of the ocean as my muse for personal peace, but I think you get the picture.

I have mentioned before that I am not by nature an organized soul. I accomplish a ton in a day, by sheer energy ( caffeine), and am blessed with a significant amount of serotonin , therefore, I do a good deal of what I set out to do for the most part.

This year though, as the sun peaks through my window, and tempts me to go adventure out on this last foggy day of break, I want to define my goals, in hopes that I will accomplish them, and also that you may join me in your personal journey, and bring along your own hopes and dreams for 2019!

I am so looking forward to the release of my first book, " Connections: A journey in Autism and love." This book was a definite life changing event in the writing of it, as it released years of work, trials, and immeasurable joy in the raising of my daughter with autism, as well as a three decade long career in special education as a Teacher.

The writing is a dream come true, but like the rest of us, there are more dreams, and jobs, to attend to. I want to work harder at purposeful living, with an emphasis on relationships. Day to day relationships, family members, work friends, and colleagues, new people in my life. If someone is in my life, even virtually, I want it to be guided with intent. We all have our stories, our struggles, our hopes for the best version of our life.

Even though the enhancement or determent of social media can confuse us on the reality of life, as we all put forth our best visual of our lives, and leave our realities in the shadows, it can also be the way we feel more , and share deeper connections with those in our circle. At a minimum, it can put more channels in our lives to just offer a different opinion, or a delight in a friends happiness. It can help us reach out, or be reached. We need to use it with our best parameter of what we need as individuals.

For me, I feel like, I touch base with more individuals from my past or present, that I wouldn't have time to or make time to with a simple phone call, so a quick like to your post, or a hello, can go along way for both parties.

Goal one, purposeful relationships with intent.

Goal two, three, four...... the usual, health, wealth, ( i.e. pay the bills), water, and exercise.

Read the books. Write. Hug. Reach. Connect.


# 1010 Publishing

# Connections: A journey in Autism and Love

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